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Scarborough - Sea Front at Night
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Scarborough - Diving Belle and Harbour Lighthouse
Photo 27055

Photo 27055 © 2018 Jorge Torralba

NIKON D3S | Nikon 85mm f/1.4G AF-S N | NIKON PRO | f/2 | ISO 200 | Uncategorized

United States Photographer: Torralba

Photographer Notes:

This lad was not as friendly as most of the people I photograph in down town Portland. He was asking for money and was a bit frustrated to see me with a camera. I did manage to get one or two shots in before moving on. On the other hand, the dogs did not seem to care and seemed quite happy and relaxed.

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View profile for loosbroos
Germany loosbroos 07-26-13 11:33 AM 0

very nice use of contrast & lighting ......& i particularly like the vignetting - for me it enhances the mood of the photo

View profile for smilekaiser
smilekaiser 05-2-13 7:07 AM 0

Like it

View profile for zeissie
Netherlands zeissie 04-29-13 2:04 PM 0

Very nice shot.

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