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Disappointed with this Site

United Kingdom pentaxpete | 2017-05-11 | Viewed 671 times | Bottom
I'm getting very disappointed with this site as when I support it I never get any 'Comments' unlike on other sites I'm on. I get a few 'Views' but Zero Comments. I got a friend to join but he doesn't come on here with his 'Street Photos' any more as there is no 'inter-action' -- HE was the only one to make a couple of comments on my photos.

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United Kingdom pentaxpete | 05-18-17 1:32 AM | Bottom
Ha Ha !! Scotland is 350- 400 miles away from Brentwood BUT many thanks for your comment on my photo -- at LAST I GOT a comment on this site !! After over 60 years in 'Camera Clubs' I have heard and taken all the Judges' Critiques on my photos so do not worry !

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Philippines damessenjah | 05-17-17 6:23 PM | Bottom
Yea, I have always longed to be critiqued but people these days are so worried of offending others that they won’t say the difficult words. I know that I’m a novice and I do want to get better thus constructive comments are what I desire. I once got a comment that my photo was “busy” and I loved it. I now try to simplify. I’m also somewhat “thick skinned” and can take most criticism but nonetheless… I am not a big fan of somebody giving a Thumbs Up every time I do something but I do hear what you are saying, Pete. By the way, I was just over in your neck of the woods recently and fell in love with Scotland. Take care my friend.

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