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Crow waits her turn to slide down the rainbow
🕐 06-5-23 3:16 PMJT commented:
Should be the cover of Poe's raven.
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Photo 613747
🕐 06-1-23 11:13 PMJT commented:
Wow. This has a heavenly look to it.
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Photo 613740
🕐 05-26-23 2:35 PMJT commented:
at first glance i thought they were real 🤣
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Photo 500542
🕐 05-20-23 6:39 PMJT commented:
rbfresno wrote:
Proof, if any were necessary, that only women should wear ribbed undershirts.

Can't argue with that, Well said. 👍
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Photo: 103722
🕐 05-18-23 8:11 AMJT commented:
Nice camera. Coordinated colors with the photographer 😁
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Photo 115781
🕐 05-17-23 8:51 PMJT commented:
1clickbeyond wrote:
Awesome. Just a great picture in general.

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Photo 613681
🕐 05-17-23 7:30 PMJT commented:
Somebody likes the Beatles
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Dinnerview for two
🕐 05-15-23 11:29 AMJT commented:
Cool shot. Looks like the San Juan Islands. But, chances are I am wrong 😊
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Photo 320266
🕐 05-12-23 2:04 PMJT commented:
Great shot. I really like this.
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Photo 508986
🕐 05-12-23 9:34 AMJT commented:
The incredible Hulk!
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