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🕐 04-10-24 22:24JT wrote:
This is an amazing image. Wow. Love it. I would put this on my wall any day.
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🕐 02-27-24 12:05JT wrote:
Beautiful image.
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🕐 02-20-24 08:52JT wrote:
I need this wall paper in my office. But I think the wife would not approve.
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The Land Army Lady 1940's
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🕐 02-09-24 15:36JT wrote:
Love it.
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Canola Field
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🕐 01-25-24 23:10JT wrote:
What a fantastic image. Just love it!
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🕐 01-22-24 11:55JT wrote:
Wow. Like a different planet altogether. I feel lonely just looking at this. Great shot!
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Photo 614284
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🕐 01-21-24 22:51JT wrote:
sweet. I like the dotted line 😄
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Photo - 614265
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🕐 01-21-24 18:42JT wrote:
Love the gritty look for a gritty sink :)
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🕐 01-21-24 14:53JT wrote:
pretty cool.
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🕐 01-15-24 09:42JT wrote:
These tones and gritty look are great. Love what you have done here.
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