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Chennai - Monument
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 05-24-23 09:59 wrote:
Nice image.
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Chennai - Street shoot
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 03-13-23 20:37losdelsolo wrote:

Well noted. Anyway, It s your point of view not mine. The sharpeness impression depend of too much factor to be so affirmative than your are. If my sensensibility appreciate this kind of picture... In french we say "les gouts et les couleurs...". I wish you a lots of good over or under sharpened shoots to come.
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Photo 201969
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 03-23-20 10:10losdelsolo wrote:
These young boys work hard, without machine help, by hand.
Life is really hard in some part au Nepal.
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Photo 201970
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 03-23-20 10:07losdelsolo wrote:
Thanks Jerry.
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Photo 141973
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 03-30-17 07:46 wrote:
wonderful image
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Photo 141947
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 03-24-17 12:03 wrote:
Nice shot, althougt i can see the car, but i liked
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Photo 141927
Photo by losdelsolo
🕐 03-24-17 05:39 wrote:
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