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Pomegranate & Pocket Knife
🕐 10-26-16 11:07 AMgip commented:
My favorite of the group. However, they are all very good.
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Melon & Dahlia
🕐 10-26-16 10:29 AMtclair commented:
Every image posted is excellent in composition and exposure, all just beautiful!
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Punchbowl & Carafe
🕐 07-6-16 12:27 AMndr3n commented:
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Apricots from Wenachie
🕐 07-5-16 1:58 AMheinzx commented:
Very nice .
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Columbia River Gorge, Oregon
🕐 05-14-16 5:11 PMJT commented:
Magical. I'm so glad I live here :)
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Logger's Boots
🕐 03-13-16 8:06 PMmitresg commented:
Nice lighting, nice texture.
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Morning on Chehalis trail
🕐 03-13-16 3:31 PMtclair commented:
Beautiful scene!
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Noviceat at Bagan
🕐 03-10-16 6:57 PMphotosphere42 commented:
Nice image!
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Old Lady in Pindaya
🕐 03-10-16 6:55 PMphotosphere42 commented:
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Tulips in the Library
🕐 03-10-16 10:20 AMtclair commented:
Very nice!
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