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Photo 403592
Photo by studioj
🕐 12-08-21 19:47 wrote:
Nice image.
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Photo 402094
Photo by studioj
🕐 10-13-19 09:21 wrote:
Nice image, nice values.
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Photo by studioj
🕐 04-04-14 12:49 wrote:
S, Impressive!
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To Be Restored
Photo by studioj
🕐 04-02-14 10:13 wrote:
Great! (just love beetles)
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Morning Mist 2
Photo by studioj
🕐 12-23-13 11:24 wrote:
Love this one!
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Times Square 2013
Photo by studioj
🕐 12-23-13 10:58 wrote:
The composition is very dynamic.
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Morning Mist
Photo by studioj
🕐 12-19-13 17:39 wrote:
Very soft and lovely, Jim - a peaceful, calm image.
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Photo by studioj
🕐 12-13-13 21:56 wrote:
Great angle on this one but I prefer the color version.
Sorry, purely personal taste, but it's one of my favorite buildings.
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Marsh Grass
Photo by studioj
🕐 12-13-13 13:49 wrote:
Very, very nice!
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Dawn over Times Square
Photo by studioj
🕐 12-13-13 10:12 wrote:
Great compositions!
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