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the tip
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 08-15-16 12:39 wrote:
Very nice shot.
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Princess of The Darkness
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 07-27-16 12:11 wrote:
Stunning! What a great image!
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leave me!!
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 05-22-16 17:02 wrote:
Wonderful capture of a great expression.
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Singapore City Scape
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 01-28-15 16:33 wrote:
Gorgeous, as always!
There is a place near me that looks exactly like this, same boardwalk design, facing the Manhattan skyline. Did a double-take when I saw it was Singapore.
Hope you are having a good time.
Best, Lilia
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Morning Glory
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 06-28-14 19:12 wrote:
Lovely image.
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prayers at the end of year 2013
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 06-28-14 11:56 wrote:
Beautiful capture of this, with splendid color work.
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Photo by diansavitri
🕐 04-06-14 12:09 wrote:
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Shadow Waiting
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 02-18-14 07:48diansavitri wrote:
dear all thanks for likes :)
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blame it on the rain
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 02-14-14 01:28 wrote:
Great composition, nicely captured!
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Photo 339318
Photo by diansavitri
🕐 02-14-14 01:26 wrote:
Excellent work!
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