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Photo 613740
🕐 05-26-23 2:35 PMJT commented:
at first glance i thought they were real 🤣
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Photo 613681
🕐 05-17-23 7:30 PMJT commented:
Somebody likes the Beatles
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Photo 612982
🕐 02-25-23 6:19 PMA2D commented:
Very nice image!
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Photo 610891
🕐 10-28-21 9:10 AMphotosphere42 commented:
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Photo 610855
🕐 10-16-21 12:06 AMopal commented:
For years I was an professonal CONTAX shooter, with an wide varity of ZEISS glasses!
Now, I am shooting with SONY cameras, both FF and APS-C, and I am still like to adapt and uses successfully all of my ZEISS lenses!

We will staying together, until der German TUEV devides us!
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Dark red rose
🕐 09-3-21 10:00 PMJT commented:
I like the flower pics. I have been bored to death lately. I have a new camera and a few lenses and nothing to photograph. So, I go in my garden and photograph the same flower over and over :)
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🕐 12-12-17 10:25 PMA2D commented:
I love the light. Very beautiful.
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St. Ludgeri church at the City of Norden/Germany
🕐 08-2-14 1:06 AMzeissy commented:
Nice image
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🕐 06-12-14 9:26 AMaquilan commented:
I like sharpness and bookeh :) it is well rendered IMHO
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View from my balcony
🕐 05-27-14 3:47 AMaquilan commented:
It is very plastique one :) I was told by You it is called 'water colours'. Nice outcome
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