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Photo - 101158
🕐 06-9-23 9:56 AMJT commented:
There is just something about this shot. The look on the face, the surroundings, lighting. Truly a great image!
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Male Chauvinist Predator Looks ...
🕐 06-9-23 9:32 AMwalter2 commented:
Thanks shtarka1 - cannot make out what the icons are (bad eyesight...?) but it shows that you appreciated it ...?

And thanks to JT for the "thumbs Up" as well!
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Crow waits her turn to slide down the rainbow
🕐 06-5-23 3:16 PMJT commented:
Should be the cover of Poe's raven.
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Photo 613747
🕐 06-1-23 11:13 PMJT commented:
Wow. This has a heavenly look to it.
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🕐 06-1-23 5:23 PMshtarka1 commented:
Thank You My FriendπŸ‘ŠπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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Photo 402489
🕐 06-1-23 5:21 PMshtarka1 commented:
Thanks DierkπŸ™
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Photo shoot
🕐 06-1-23 5:20 PMshtarka1 commented:
Just being Cool as a Cucumber 😁
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Photo 613740
🕐 05-26-23 2:35 PMJT commented:
at first glance i thought they were real 🀣
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Chennai - Monument
🕐 05-24-23 9:59 AMphotosphere42 commented:
Nice image.
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Photo 500542
🕐 05-20-23 6:39 PMJT commented:
rbfresno wrote:
Proof, if any were necessary, that only women should wear ribbed undershirts.

Can't argue with that, Well said. πŸ‘
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