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Mirror Girl
Photo by pentaxpete
🕐 01-26-24 01:45pentaxpete wrote:
Yes must have been the 80's -- I was on a job with the Editor of a Local Newspaper and he was writing an article for the Lingerie Company
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Canola Field
Photo by melg
🕐 01-25-24 23:10JT wrote:
What a fantastic image. Just love it!
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Photo 614112
Photo by JT
🕐 01-23-24 02:30pentaxpete wrote:
I tried a Borrowed VOIGTLANDER lens on my M2 years ago and it was better than the Leitz 35mm f1.4 Summiliux You get great results from your Voigtlander lenses --
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Photo 614219
Photo by JT
🕐 01-23-24 02:26pentaxpete wrote:
When I started Photography in 1951 you were though Rich if you had a Camera with a f 4 lens ! Ha Ha !
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Mean Looking Harley Davidson ...
Photo by walter2
🕐 01-23-24 02:23pentaxpete wrote:
Perfect 'Panning' !
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Santa beard
Photo by silvrmn
🕐 01-23-24 02:11pentaxpete wrote:
great sharpness from that 90mm lens !
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In Memoriam
Photo by oddgeir
🕐 01-23-24 02:05pentaxpete wrote:
I was taught many year ago that the 'Main Subject' should not be in 'The Middle' but here it WORKS !
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Photo - 614283
Photo by fo-tik
🕐 01-23-24 02:02pentaxpete wrote:
A bit 'Over -Processed' for my liking -- it is not as natural as the Kodak Infra-Red film used to give
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Photo by cyra
🕐 01-22-24 11:55JT wrote:
Wow. Like a different planet altogether. I feel lonely just looking at this. Great shot!
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Photo 614284
Photo by willfred
🕐 01-21-24 22:51JT wrote:
sweet. I like the dotted line 😄
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