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Photo 600623
🕐 05-2-23 5:56 AMJT commented:
Wow. Impressive picture. Looks like another planet. So many places to explore and visit here. Thanks for sharing!
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Photo 111903
🕐 05-2-23 5:29 AMJT commented:
In your face 😁
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'50 Buick
🕐 05-1-23 11:57 AMwalter2 commented:
Thank you for your Likes, terence2 and JT !
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Photo 613484
🕐 05-1-23 7:00 AMshtarka1 commented:
photosphere42 wrote:
Great image. Cudo's for the Q2!

Thank You Kindly☺️
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🕐 05-1-23 6:18 AMphotosphere42 commented:
A great image.
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Middle Fork Snoqualmie, Washington Cascades.
🕐 05-1-23 6:15 AMphotosphere42 commented:
Nice image.
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Awaiting departure
🕐 04-30-23 11:10 AM1clickbeyond commented:
JT wrote:
Would love to see more of your work. It's been a while since you have spoiled us with your pictures.

Totally agree. Your library of photos are simply amazing.
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The Blue Lagoon
🕐 04-30-23 10:46 AMJT commented:
1clickbeyond wrote:
So many years since its been uploaded and still receiving comments. Awesome.

Let me add to it. This is such a cool shot!
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🕐 04-27-23 2:39 PMJT commented:
I am a sucker for B&W. Love it!
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🕐 04-27-23 2:38 PMJT commented:
Wow. Look at that rendering. What a fantastic lens. Photo looks amazing too! Love the bokeh and lighting. Well done!
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