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Fifties Fountain
🕐 04-27-23 7:57 AMJT commented:
Now that is a nostalgic scene.
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Fleeting Colors
🕐 04-27-23 7:38 AMJT commented:
Wow this is amazing. look at those colors!
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Laying track - from the archives Nikon F, tri-x in HC110
🕐 04-27-23 7:37 AMJT commented:
Show more from the archives 😁i like this kind of stuff. thanks for posting.
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Sitting with phone
🕐 04-26-23 12:59 PMJT commented:
All I can think about is "The police" song "So lonely"

Good capture.
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Zig-Zag walkway along the Moat
🕐 04-26-23 9:51 AMwalter2 commented:
Thanks for the "Like" - cyra !!
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Photo 552464
🕐 04-23-23 11:35 AMnikkor105 commented:
Thank you Walter
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Church Interior
🕐 04-23-23 2:19 AMwalter2 commented:
Thank you, chuckn! :o)
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🕐 04-21-23 9:52 AMshtarka1 commented:
Thanks JT🙏👊
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Photo 28230
🕐 04-20-23 9:16 PMJT commented:
The socialite.
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Black Cuillin, Red Skye
🕐 04-20-23 2:55 PMhyperfocal commented:
Great shot... Did you had to hike there to get it?
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