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Photo 333897
🕐 04-19-23 10:44 AMJT commented:
Show us more of your pictures. It's been a while since you have posted and your work is amazing !!
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Egilsstadir, Iceland
🕐 04-19-23 9:58 AM1clickbeyond commented:
wow. great perspective and tones. Love the B&W !
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Boat Repairer Dhaka
🕐 04-18-23 6:17 PMJT commented:
I am a sucker for B&W. Love it!
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Coney Island
🕐 04-18-23 12:41 PMJT commented:
Beautiful evening shot. Sets the mood for a pleasant walk.
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Sunset on Mount Hood
🕐 04-16-23 9:25 AMJT commented:
Looks more like Mt Rainier than hood. Impressive capture !
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The velky nudes X
🕐 04-15-23 11:49 AMhyperfocal commented:
Long legs!
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Rietz. Tirol, Austria.
🕐 04-14-23 1:12 PMhyperfocal commented:
Eerie. Looks like a witch's hut.
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too late for fitness?
🕐 04-12-23 9:00 PMJT commented:
i love this shot. Such confidence is being displayed and no worries of public opinion.

Where was this taken?
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On a train in Sicily.
🕐 04-12-23 2:30 PMhyperfocal commented:
In B&W I could've pull more detail from the background. It could be interesting.
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Photo - 613419
🕐 04-12-23 9:51 AMJT commented:
Love these old WWII Bombers! I need to get out to Evergreen and look at their collection again. They even have the Spruce Goose there.
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