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Mother and Child in the Hindi Area of Dhaka

Avatar By snaprat

Today's featured photo is another example of great photography shared by snaprat here on Ag2Si.com. They say it's not the gear but the person behind the camera that captures the photo we are drawn to. But for those who are curious, this was taken with a M9 and a Leica summilux 35mm f1.4 asph

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Mother and Child in the Hindi Area of Dhaka
🕐 06-10-23 12:09 PMJT commented:
Fantastic capture. Thanks for sharing.
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Photo - 101158
🕐 06-9-23 9:40 PM1clickbeyond commented:
JT wrote:
There is just something about this shot. The look on the face, the surroundings, lighting. Truly a great image!

I agree. From what I see in the scene, he appears to be an artist. Eccentric to say the least. A captivating photo indeed.
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Male Chauvinist Predator Looks ...
🕐 06-9-23 9:32 AMwalter2 commented:
Thanks shtarka1 - cannot make out what the icons are (bad eyesight...?) but it shows that you appreciated it ...?

And thanks to JT for the "thumbs Up" as well!
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Crow waits her turn to slide down the rainbow
🕐 06-5-23 3:16 PMJT commented:
Should be the cover of Poe's raven.
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Photo 613747
🕐 06-1-23 11:13 PMJT commented:
Wow. This has a heavenly look to it.