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  • snow has melted. Tomorrow I head out to try and take a few pictures with the new toys :)

    What has it been like in your part of the world?
    Cold night here in the Pacific Northwest. been making changes to the site in hopes of getting people interested again.
    Quick update. Been making some changes to the gallery side of the site which has really enhanced performance, presentation, ui and much more. I especially like the inline comments that allow you to comment right from the thumbnails. And the way you can now load more comments. Keep ideas coming my way and I will implement
    I have been working on the ***images.com sites for many years. Always trying to improve and add new features. Now I have consolidated them into one site where everything can be consistent and hosting easier to manage. I have also thrown in a forum software in the hopes of getting our members more involved in the community. I am always open to suggestions so don't hesitate to share what is on your mind.
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