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Climbers in a windstorm on Mont Blanc
Photo by salamandra
🕐 09-16-23 14:43JT wrote:
Wow. Amazing capture. Love it!
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Nurse Sam
🕐 09-14-23 17:09JT wrote:
I like this one. Provocative without being revealing.
Would love to see how she look snow, 13 years later.
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Photo: 101015
Photo by terence2
🕐 09-14-23 16:18JT wrote:
The sky is on fire.
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Photo 103656
Photo by nikon_sam
🕐 09-14-23 08:25JT wrote:
This is still an awesome shot after so many years of being posted!
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Lazy Summer Evening
Photo by walter2
🕐 09-13-23 22:10JT wrote:
Soon it will all be white with snow 🥶

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