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Avatar yuriylux • since 2010-06-14

As photographers we are inspired by the work of others and hope to capture images that are as memorable as theirs. Having said that, today we are honored to feature a photo from such a photographer yuriylux. To view more work from yuriylux please visit yuriylux's gallery

They say it's not the gear but the person behind the camera that captures the photo we are drawn to. But, for those who are curious, this was taken with a Nikon Nikon d3

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Paris through the rain and fog, from Tour Montparnasse
Photo by chwoods
🕐 12-05-23 21:52JT wrote:
For some reason, all I can think about is Charles Lindbergh landing in Paris when he crossed the Atlantic. Go figure.

However, I love this shot. Awesome!
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Down The Lane In November
Photo by walter2
🕐 12-04-23 13:42walter2 wrote:
yuriylux wrote:
Прекрасное фото,Вальтер- порадовал душу!!!

Что ж, спасибо, юрий люкс - рада, что настроение картины понравилось! И, я тоже рад видеть, что ты жив и судя по всему здоров...? Наилучший привет Вам и Вашей семье - берегите себя!!!
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London Chinatown at night
Photo by pentaxpete
🕐 11-22-23 11:02JT wrote:
Film is magical. Love the colors! or should I say colours :)
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Photo - 614211
Photo by JT
🕐 11-13-23 10:04ced wrote:
Perfect winter's scene!
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Photo by johntp
🕐 11-05-23 12:56JT wrote:
Never forget. Never repeat.
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