Leica M11 lockup / Freeze (1 Viewer)


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Dec 2, 2008
So I noticed my M11 is locking up. First time it happened I thought it was a dead battery. But, soon enough it was obvious it wasn't the battery. I did some googling and discovers many threads out there regarding this. One person seems to have resolved it by just using a Sandisk memory card. However, I have a Sandisk. So, I just installed the lates available firmware for the M11. Lets see what happens.

My observations while playing with the camera trying to get it to respond.

  1. Nothing would turn on. Only sign of life was the red led that was lit.
  2. No menus, no shutter, nothing.
One thing I noticed was that if I took the lens off, it would work. The lens is NOT coded. It is a 50mm f2. If the firmware does not resolve the issue, I will preselect an M lens from the list.

Anyone out there have a similar experience ?

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