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Dec 2, 2008
When browsing your photos ( in gallery mode ) you will see a flag at the top left of the thumbnails. Click on the flag and it will flag the picture for deletion, The flag then turns into a flag with a line through it. click on that and it will remove the photo from deletion queue.

This is a great way of scrolling through your pictures and marking them for deletion.

Don't worry. They won't get deleted until you decide to do so. But you can come back as often as you like to see what is in the queue or add and remove from the queue.

From your profile picture drop down menu, you will see a link to Photos flagged to be deleted. Click on that to manage the photos flagged.

When you are ready, if you have any photos to be deleted, on the left side of your dashboard you will see the option to delete them. That option only shows up when you have photos in the queue. At this point you will be asked to confirm, you wantto delete the photos. If you click ok, there is no turning back.

I just deleted more than half my pictures that were rubish using this method.
JT - when I want to open the FORUMS (on the top main Menu) - the Forum DOES open up - HOWEVER - it slips away after 5 seconds - BEFORE one can orientate oneself there and identify the overview of the different sections ... to look for a special section ?! May be my "complaint" is a bit unclear, as I don't speek good enough english to expalin what I mean ... :)
Hi, JT!
Forget abou this, I just found out that the overview of all the sections just "SLIDES" down (below my screen) and that e few rows of images (Random selection from the Hall of Fame) appear on top (pushing the sections down and ouit of sight. I've found out noew - Have a nice day!! 👍
Walter there is now a link for scrollingto the sections of the gallery home page. It is to the right of Random from the hall of fame . You can't miss it.

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