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Subject: Large format view camera for street photography?

Category: Street Photography Discussion

Posted: 04-5-13 4:54 PM

By: Lee Gephart

No matter what camera you use, chances are it's grandfather was a View Camera.

I wondered if any one out there was using a 4x5 camera or larger to do some street photography? One certainly will not sneak up on some one, like with a Leica RF, but it may offer some real opportunity.

Keep you all posted if I give it a go.


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Reply from Lee Gephart on 04-6-13 3:37 PM

Using a 4x5 is extreemly rewarding. I believe one may use one on the street, just previsualize the sceen and wait for people to walk into the frame.

I have used mine a lot with portraits but not out and about in town. Mightz be fun.
Reply from Jerry on 04-5-13 8:33 PM

I have used a 4x5 field camera for many years. Don't often use it now. Gave me some wonderful images thou! Still have it.

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