Comments for Kook Lim

🕐 07-26-13 11:11 AMloosbroos
a reflection
love this photo - the effect is sensational ......but i can't get my head around the perspective - i assume the photo was inverted? - brilliant idea!
🕐 06-27-13 2:48 PMleicanthrope
Lovely light!
🕐 06-17-13 7:27 PMjt
This is magnificent! That ray of light coming in is the key element. Your processing was spot on.
🕐 06-12-13 7:30 PMeastside mike
People in the grid
well seen Kook !
🕐 05-11-13 5:55 AMshtarka1
🕐 05-3-13 1:56 AMgdheaton
The tunnel of love
I like this photo too. good use of the shadow curves
🕐 05-2-13 9:48 PMsmilekaiser
The tunnel of love
Thank you for the comment, Mike!
🕐 05-2-13 8:49 PMeastside mike
The tunnel of love
love the light and shadow ,
excellent shot Kook !
🕐 04-30-13 8:30 AMpentaxpete
People in the grid
Well spotted -- that ONE Figure really 'Makes' the photo !
🕐 04-30-13 5:30 AMshtarka1
Excellent IQ & Comp Lim!
🕐 04-30-13 5:29 AMshtarka1
a reflection
Love this!
🕐 04-26-13 10:16 AMamjorreto
Excellent composition and very good image quality.
🕐 04-25-13 9:40 AMjan
a reflection
Like it!
🕐 04-24-13 10:06 PMsmilekaiser
a reflection
Thank you. I used X-pro1 with leica M9 for the low light situations. Despite of poor af fuction, I was very satisfied with it and its images. I think it is one of the best evil cameras. But I heard that X-E1 is the better and smaller but uglier than X-Por1. Shooting with 18mm is more recommendable than with 35mm. :-)
🕐 04-24-13 6:32 PMjt
a reflection
Excellent. Love what you have done here. How do you like that Xpro? I have been thinking about getting one but have not pulled the trigger yet.
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