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The road.


Pentax FA 77mm/1.8 Limited Lens.
steve g - 01-15-15 4:50 PM
Oh Pshaw, Dranki, most are just kids following a style. Back to the photo, this is really nice. Lots of mood and it sparks the imagination with several stories that could be made up from what we see. Thus my first comment.
draniki - 01-14-15 2:54 AM
steve g

I start thinking that it is better for me not to photograph the person with a hood. Neither on the street and nor in the train car.
steve g - 01-13-15 8:49 PM
Dranki, you don't see the juxtaposition of the fellow in the hoody looking back and the picture of the fellow in the hoody looking at you?
draniki - 01-12-15 3:37 AM
In this photo I see nothing, except man in the train car, door and the road. If was on the contrary, that is road, door and man, there would be a street photo.
ag2si - 01-11-15 11:34 AM
Agreed. :thumbsup:
steve g - 01-11-15 10:47 AM
I think that if someone wanted to see what a "Street Photography" picture looks like, this would be an excellent example. I'm not sure that the left of the picture is of any help however.