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Photo 610855
🕐 10-16-21 12:06 AMopal commented:
For years I was an professonal CONTAX shooter, with an wide varity of ZEISS glasses!
Now, I am shooting with SONY cameras, both FF and APS-C, and I am still like to adapt and uses successfully all of my ZEISS lenses!

We will staying together, until der German TUEV devides us!
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Photo 541051
🕐 11-23-14 2:26 AMopal commented:
Nice amateur model, but still a little stiff!
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Multnomah Falls twilight
🕐 07-29-14 9:54 AMopal commented:
With a nice nude on the bridge, it would be even better! KUDOS!
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Photo 533485
🕐 11-14-13 10:22 PMopal commented:
Very nice landscape!
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Photo 533468
🕐 11-14-13 10:20 PMopal commented:
Too much water and unfortunately less nude!
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Wind mills at Greetsiel/East Friesian Country/Germany
🕐 11-9-13 10:46 PMopal commented:
The wind mill top and roof is destroyed by an strong autum storm in October 2013!
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Protestant Union Memorial from 1880 at Kaiserslautern Stiftskirche
🕐 10-11-13 11:11 PMopal commented:
left: Johannes Calvin, right: Martin Luther
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A Future Shooter
🕐 07-11-13 2:31 AMopal commented:
The Little Girl holds the camera perfectly, better as most adults doing it!
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A Special Bird
🕐 07-6-13 5:35 AMopal commented:
No wonder, its a Zeiss glass!
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Soft underground foundation
🕐 06-27-13 6:08 AMopal commented:
Lock at the bell, its hangs straight to the slant building construction!
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