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Paris through the rain and fog, from Tour Montparnasse
Photo by chwoods
🕐 12-05-23 21:52JT wrote:
For some reason, all I can think about is Charles Lindbergh landing in Paris when he crossed the Atlantic. Go figure.

However, I love this shot. Awesome!
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Down The Lane In November
Photo by walter2
🕐 12-04-23 13:42walter2 wrote:
yuriylux wrote:
Прекрасное фото,Вальтер- порадовал душу!!!

Что ж, спасибо, юрий люкс - рада, что настроение картины понравилось! И, я тоже рад видеть, что ты жив и судя по всему здоров...? Наилучший привет Вам и Вашей семье - берегите себя!!!
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London Chinatown at night
Photo by pentaxpete
🕐 11-22-23 11:02JT wrote:
Film is magical. Love the colors! or should I say colours :)
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Photo - 614211
Photo by JT
🕐 11-13-23 10:04ced wrote:
Perfect winter's scene!
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Photo by johntp
🕐 11-05-23 12:56JT wrote:
Never forget. Never repeat.
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Primeval Beech Forest
Photo by walter2
🕐 11-03-23 08:38walter2 wrote:
Thanks for the "Thumbs Up", JT!!
Much obliged ...
:o) Best regards from Norway
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Photo - 103029
Photo by fo-tik
🕐 11-02-23 23:21JT wrote:
I don't see Wile E. :)
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Photo 203033
Photo by fo-tik
🕐 11-02-23 23:09JT wrote:
fo-tik wrote:
Thank you for the like JT. When you were there, did you have to wait for all the people to move out of the frame? I was lucky for 5 minutes, when the rain started on the mesa all the people left. And I had a great dramatic sky.

March 24th 2006 :) based on the file date. Yes. It was crowded. Many painters with their easels there. My pictures are not even close to being as nice as yours :) I will process one now and share.

It's way too yellow. But I think it's the time of year.

Embeded Photo

You can see it here
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Photo 614206
Photo by photosphere42
🕐 10-28-23 08:31photosphere42 wrote:
Camera and lens used: Nikon d3200 w/ Nikon 28-70 zoom.
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Photo - 614207
Photo by fo-tik
🕐 10-27-23 07:46JT wrote:
I was just going to guess Jelly Stone :) Have not been there in 5 years. It's a 1 day drive from where I live. What an amazing park. Thanks for sharing.
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