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Photo 329855
Photo by wuffstuff
🕐 05-18-24 13:19ced wrote:
Love it!
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Photo by amjorreto
🕐 04-10-24 22:24JT wrote:
This is an amazing image. Wow. Love it. I would put this on my wall any day.
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Photo 614533
Photo by opal
🕐 04-04-24 10:31opal wrote:
The CANON 5DMkII camera body sits on an very solid BERLEBACH wooden
tripod with an built-in ball head! The prism finder holder is made by an former small Bavarian company name ZOERKENDOERFER in Munich, and is very practical to use for long telephoto shots on an tripod. The telephoto lens, is an 6x6 medium format lens with an 2x converter, adapted to the CANON body! It's an very rare 6x6 ARSAT 5,6/500mm tephoto lens, made in the Ukraine!

Thank you very much, if you like my photos, which I am now, make with SONY cameras! But I am using still 6x6 medium lenses adapted onto my SONY's!
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Photo by walter2
🕐 03-09-24 04:55walter2 wrote:
Thanks for the "Thumbs Up" - JT!
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Norwegian Coast
Photo by walter2
🕐 02-28-24 03:50walter2 wrote:
cyra - thank you for the "Thumbs Up" to this image!
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Photo 131615
Photo by chuckn
🕐 02-27-24 12:05JT wrote:
Beautiful image.
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Photo 555599
Photo by yuriylux
🕐 02-27-24 09:37cyra wrote:
great mood and composition!
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January in Norway
Photo by walter2
🕐 02-21-24 08:06walter2 wrote:
Thanks for the "Thumbs Up", JT!
Appreciate it.
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Photo 614171
Photo by opal
🕐 02-20-24 08:52JT wrote:
I need this wall paper in my office. But I think the wife would not approve.
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Photo - 614235
Photo by fo-tik
🕐 02-19-24 14:06walter2 wrote:
Thank you - fo-tik, for your explanation!
Best regrads,
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