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Stage Actress
Photo by walter2
🕐 02-19-24 14:04walter2 wrote:
JT wrote:
Love the tones. Great B&W processing

Thank you, JT - really appreciate this!
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Photo 606923
Photo by yuriylux
🕐 02-14-24 00:07yuriylux wrote:
Большое спасибо Walter, за ваш прекрасный комментарий!
Я очень ценю ваше мнение- это придаёт силы в это тяжёлое время.
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The Land Army Lady 1940's
Photo by pentaxpete
🕐 02-09-24 15:36JT wrote:
Love it.
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Photo: 614305
Photo by JT
🕐 02-05-24 12:47walter2 wrote:
Dynamic composition and contrast of a resilient structure. Good gray values!
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Umbrellas ...
Photo by walter2
🕐 02-03-24 15:50walter2 wrote:
Thank you, JT!
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Photo 614301
Photo by shtarka1
🕐 02-02-24 02:04shtarka1 wrote:
JT wrote:
What can I say? Wow!

Thanks Buddy🙏🙏🙏🙏
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Photo 523215
Photo by dubaiphil
🕐 02-01-24 02:32shtarka1 wrote:
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Excalibur Roadster
Photo by walter2
🕐 01-29-24 11:34walter2 wrote:
Powered by a 327" 300 HP Chevrolets Corvette-engine
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The Bridge
Photo by walter2
🕐 01-29-24 11:28walter2 wrote:
JT wrote:
We have a very similar bridge here in Portland. It is the Freemont Bridge.

Well there are two exactly similar bridges of this type here in Norway - one here in Fredrikstad and another in Haugesund. Apparantly this was the first pre-constraction in modules here in Norway. The bridge was buildt in sections at a factory in Germany in 1958 and sections were shipped to Norway and assmbeld on site.
By the way - Thank you for the featuring, up front!
Best wishes,
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Two Classic Amcars
Photo by walter2
🕐 01-28-24 09:41walter2 wrote:
1958 FORD Fairlane CUSTOM 300
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